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Texas doctor delivers new mom's baby 25 years after delivering her

“I came to find out later that he’s done this before. He’s delivered generations of families,” Lauren Cortez said.
/ Source: TODAY

When Lauren Cortez was born 25 years ago, her mother’s OB-GYN sang “Happy birthday.”

Cortez’s son, Logan, who came into the world on July 26, got the same treatment. That’s because he too was delivered by Dr. Bryan Cox in San Antonio, Texas.

But it wasn’t a coincidence.

Cortez, a speech pathologist, reached out to Cox as soon as she learned she was expecting her first child.

Dr. Cox with Lauren Cortez and Cortez's mom, Isabel Luna, in 1995.Jam Press
Dr. Bryan Cox with Lauren Cortez and her son, Logan, in 2020. Jam Press

“My mom always spoke to me about how caring he was,” Cortez told TODAY Parents. “He builds a really strong connection with you where you feel like you’re just hanging out with a friend.”

After Cortez shared side-by-side photos on Twitter of Cox holding her when she was born, and then holding Logan at his birth, the post went viral with more than 767,000 likes.

“I came to find out later that he’s done this before. He’s delivered generations of families,” Cortez revealed. “I think that says a lot about him and how passionate he is about his job.”

Lauren Cortez (with her husband, Peter Cortez, and their son, Logan) had a scheduled C-section with Dr. Cox.Jam Press

Cox admitted to TODAY Parents that he "chronically runs behind" because he loves chatting with patients.

"We start talking and sharing videos and pictures," Cox, 63, explained.

The dad to 16-year-old Avery tries to make all his patients feel special. Instead of paper gowns, they are given robes that were sewn by Cox's mother and grandmother. At a woman's postpartum checkup, she is gifted a special bunny onesie for her child that reads "A Dr. Cox Collectible." (Cortez still has hers!)

Cox, who has been practicing for more than 33 years, says he will never get tired of going to work.

"It's one of the few fields where you get to just soak up happiness," he gushed. "Delivering Lauren's baby is just one example."