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Do your kids have a family vacation in mind? Tell us about it!

We're empowering kids to take control of their family's vacation. (By TODAY with our sponsor JetBlue)
/ Source: TODAY

Editor's note, July 15: The submission period has ended. We'll update this page with more details as they become available.

Calling all parents (and their kids)!

Life can be busy, between work, school and everything in between. A little time together can go a long way, and there’s no better place to do that than on vacation. But unlike most trips — which are chosen and planned by adults — we’re empowering kids to take control of their family’s vacation and pick the tickets for their hard-working parents, since no one knows how hard mom and dad work like their kids.

(By TODAY with our sponsor JetBlue)

Tell us why — and where — your children want to book a family vacation, and we might make it happen. If your child has been “saving up” for a trip like this — either in real life or using pretend funds — we’d love to hear about it, too! (We know what that piggy bank is really for.) Click here to see where in the Western Hemisphere JetBlue flies.

Please submit stories below, including a photo of your family inspired by your desired destination. Share your contact information on the first page of the entry form. Share your family’s story — along with a photo — on the second page.

And remember, no one knows you, or what you need, quite like your kids.