Do I really look like that?! Moms share hilarious 'honest portraits' by kids

As the mother of two little girls, Mazzy, 6, and Harlow, 3, Ilana Wiles is no stranger to receiving portraits of herself, drawn in crayon and marker. With Mother's Day approaching, Wiles, who blogs at Mommy Shorts, decided to put a call out to fellow moms, asking for photo submissions of "honest portraits" of Mom, drawn by kids.

Ilana Wiles/ Mommy Shorts
Portraits of Mommy Shorts' Ilana Wiles, drawn by daughters Harlow, 3, and Mazzy, 6.

"Mazzy drew a picture of me looking like a zombie with my hair matted to my face," Wiles told TODAY Parents. "But she surrounded me with hearts, so I might be exhausted, but at least I'm loved!"

FACEBOOK/Carinn Hall
From my 8 year old "Mom, this is what you look like when your lips are chapped and you've been up all night." I really like how she captured the bloodshot eyes look.

Wiles' contest is twofold. To enter, moms must submit a photo of themselves, drawn by their child, along with a description of the drawing and their honest thoughts about the way they were portrayed.

FACEBOOK/Valery Alta Murdock
"She has bangs and arms and boobies. She has feet and a butt. She is small. She has curly hair over her eyes. Her eyes are blue. She has apricot skin." - Chloe, age 3
FACEBOOK/Kristy Hansbro
This is my favorite because I look like I am in a Reggae Band and my husband is a ghost.

"I thought (it would be fun) to ask moms to submit drawings that their kids made of them with the opportunity to speak honestly about what the drawing depicted — tired eyes, wrinkled foreheads, extra pounds, less-than-thrilled expressions," said Wiles. "And, it takes another layer of honesty to admit the portraits are not nearly as good as we pretend they are when we receive them."

FACEBOOK/Lindsey Meyer
My daughter (6 at time) was very proud that she spelled beer correctly. I do not have blue hair but maybe drink too much beer???

Over the next two weeks, Wiles will choose one winner per day. Wiles says she looks forward to seeing the funniest drawings, and to reading the moms' feelings about the way they were drawn by their child.

FACEBOOK/Susan Bristow-Mclean
We had run out of coffee that morning, if i remember correctly. Obviously looks nothing like me, my circles are UNDER my eyes, not over them. - a portrait of me by my then 3yo daughter.
FACEBOOK/Janel Mills
Here's my personal favorite. My 8 year old asked me to pose for a portrait. I can't decide if I like the sharp teeth or the "DERP" written in the corner the best.

So what are Wiles' true feelings about the way her daughters have drawn their mom?

FACEBOOK/Esther Long Ratajeski
"Mom, you are the fattest one in our family!"

"Honestly, I think the kids are probably working extra hard to make their drawings of their moms. But most little kids can't really draw, so even their best efforts come out all wonky," said Wiles.

"Or sometimes, you've got a big nose or frizzy hair and kids just call it like they see it. They don't think it's bad. They think it's part of their mom, so it's beautiful."'

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