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Did Kim Kardashian just tease the name for baby No. 3 in this cryptic post?

Followers are convinced a designer image she shared is really a curious clue about the name the parents have picked for North and Saint's little sister.
/ Source: TODAY

Sharing a glimpse of a high-end designer bag isn't exactly off-brand for Kim Kardashian, but the reality TV star's fans think there's more than meets the eye with a particular picture she posted to Instagram.

In fact, they believe it's all about her brand-new baby's name.

Kardashian and husband Kanye West welcomed their third child, a baby girl, via surrogate on Monday, and on Wednesday, mom shared the curious photo above — an extreme close-up of a monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag — without a caption.

What could it mean?!

If you're thinking a new social media sponsorship for the frequently sponsored star or a maybe a hint for West that she'd like a mom-again present from the fashion house, then ... well, you might be right.

But those guesses hardly seem fun compared to the baby-name guessing game that's going on in Kardashian's Instagram comments. Followers are convinced the designer image is really a cryptic clue about the name the parents have picked for North and Saint's little sister.

Guesses include:

  • Louis
  • Louise
  • Lou
  • Vuitton
  • Love
  • Lovey
  • LV (as well as Elvie, Elvee, Elvy and even Elle V)

Some didn't bother guessing at all, instead giving a little unsolicited advice: "OMG please don't name your kid after a purse/brand!!!"

But maybe it's not as simple as that.


At least one fan fully embraced the name game, avoiding all of the obvious choices and offering up a theory that's worth considering.

"Hmm this is tricky," the commenter noted. "Since Kanye is the 'Louis Vuitton Don' and his mom name is Donda maybe the baby girl name is Don or Dawn."

Frankly, that one is so good, mom and dad might want to consider it — even if it wasn't their original idea.

Or Kardashian and West could simply check out our list of suggestions, because they couldn't possibly go wrong with Dash or Wing West!