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Did this 3-month-old baby say 'I love you?' Watch the video

Forget goo goo ga ga! A 3-month-old baby is rising to stardom after a video of the tot saying "I love you" to his mother hit the web.
/ Source: TODAY

Forget goo goo ga ga! This 3-month-old baby is rising to stardom, thanks to a video of the tot seemingly saying "I love you" to his mother.

The adorable 14-second clip hit the web in February, but is just now gaining traction, with over 11,000 views on YouTube. Vicky Fatu is seen perched over her baby Mark saying, "I love you," and to her surprise, he mumbles back what sounds like the exact same response.

Fatu says it was "a complete shock" to have her initial "I love you" reciprocated.

"He doesn't say much now but he sings and mimics songs in perfect pitch," Fatu told TODAY of the now 10-month-old.

Fatu, who is originally from Russia (but now lives in West Virginia) is an award-winning concert pianist and singer. Now we know where that young talent comes from!

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Vicky Fatu plays with 10-month-old Mark. Courtesy of Victoria Fatu

Mark has two older sisters — Vivienne, 5, and Sophie, 3. "All the kids have amazing personalities," she said.

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Right now, Fatu is just taking advantage of every moment she has with Mark.

Mark, pictured with his sisters Vivienne and Sophie. Courtesy of Victoria Fatu

"He is an amazing boy, goes with me to all my rehearsals and concerts," she said.