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Deputy Ric Lindley comforts a baby at the scene of an Alabama car wreck

A powerful image of Alabama Deputy Ric Lindley holding a baby at the scene of a car crash delivers hope.
/ Source: TODAY

A police officer provided comfort during what must have been an unsettling moment for a very tiny car passenger.

Deputy Ric Lindley, of Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in Birmingham Alabama, was photographed at the scene of a car accident on Interstate 20 on Tuesday morning. The mustached officer is shown holding a baby close to his chest.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office posted the moving image to its Facebook page.

The baby, whose back is to the camera, is dressed in pink with his or her head cradled by Lindley's arm. It looks like the officer may be rocking the infant.

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At first glance, it appears to be a grisly scene in the background, but according to CNN, no one was seriously hurt, and the crash involved an ambulance and a tractor trailer. So it's likely the ambulance pictured may actually be one of the vehicles involved in the collision.

Receiving more than 13,400 likes and more than 4,600 shares since it was posted, the photograph has also raked in supportive comments.

"You're in good hands baby girl," commented PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

"A dad in a uniform still a dad," wrote another user.

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A person answering phones at Jefferson County Sheriff's Office told that Lindley was unavailable for comment as he was "out in the field."

A spokesperson was not immediately available for further comment.