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Viral kid from 'David After Dentist' reveals he got into his dream college

Yes, David, this is real life!
/ Source: TODAY

In 2009, David Devore's dad caught his post-dental surgery philosophical musings and barbaric yawp on video and posted it on YouTube for his family and friends. Over 138 million views later, "David After Dentist" made David a bonafide viral star.

Ten years later, the little boy who famously sat dazed in his booster seat questioning the universe while wearing a Florida Gators T-shirt is now an 18-year-old high school senior. On Friday night, he received his acceptance to the University of Florida's class of 2023.

"Yes, this is real life!" David's dad, also named David Devore, wrote on the "David After Dentist" Instagram account. "David found out he is officially a Gator today! So proud of him."

Going to the University of Florida is a dream come true for the Lake Mary, Florida, teenager, he told TODAY Parents. As was evident in his famous video, he was born into a family of University of Florida fans and alumni. His grandfather once played football for the Florida Gators, and his dad worked at the stadium selling hot dogs as a teenager in Gainesville, Florida.

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"I was born a Gator, so this is extra special because of all the family history and connection," said the elder Devore. He noted that David's mom, Tessie Devore, is an ardent alumna of Auburn University, one of UF's SEC football rivals. "But she's just as excited!" he said.

The Devores posted about the acceptance on Twitter and were surprised when the University of Florida responded with a welcome greeting for David that included a picture of UF president Kent Fuchs recreating David's famous scene.

"Can't wait to see David after high school," the university tweet quipped.

The picture came from a parody of viral memes and videos Fuchs made to welcome students to the university in the fall of 2017. "It was awesome," said the elder Devore. "He's known for crazy things like this."

Other UF departments and teams followed suit, welcoming David to the Gator Nation — notably, the School of Dentistry.

"With all due respect, we might suggest David the #GatorDentist, D.M.D. Class of 2027?!?!?!" tweeted the school. "Regardless, enjoy the #UF journey!"

David's academic plans lean more toward computer science for now, but he is excited to explore everything the university has to offer. "I have always been a Gator, and I'm excited to feel like I belong," he said.

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