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Dave Hollis opens up about 'first solo weekend' after split from Rachel Hollis

He says time spent with their four kids included "unexpected little things that felt like miracles."
Dave Hollis and his daughter both smile for a photo during their weekend together.
Dave Hollis and his daughter both smile for a photo during their weekend together.mrdavehollis/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Dave Hollis, former husband of "Girl, Wash Your Face" author Rachel Hollis, spoke honestly about what post-divorce life looks like in a heartfelt Instagram post shared on Monday morning.

The couple announced on June 9 that they would be ending their marriage of more than 15 years. At the time, both said they were committed to successfully co-parenting their four children, something that Hollis addressed candidly in his Instagram post.

"First solo weekend in this new journey & it was hard," he wrote, alongside several photos that were taken over the course of the weekend. "Reality was very present & it felt heavy, sad, weird. Friends checking in, moving my body, writing & staying busy were helpful, but it was unexpected little things that felt like miracles."

He went on to say that the weekend's activities had included everything from a dance recital to furniture assembly.

"(It was) Noah's first recital," he wrote, alongside an adorable photo of the little girl wearing a blue dress while Hollis took a photo. "True Texas form, that meant lipstick, blush, eyeliner & mascara. I don't know mascara but 3 of 4 felt like a dang win — she just kept saying 'I'm so beautiful.' She is."

The pair celebrated Noah's performance by taking down her crib and putting up her "big girl bed," which Hollis showed off in another photo.

"The pride she had getting that bed was a whisper of 'this is gonna all be just fine,'" Hollis wrote. "That she slept through the night and didn't get out was supernatural."

Photos in Dave Hollis' Instagram post show his kids having plenty of family fun during his first solo weekend with them.mrdavehollis/Instagram

The next morning, Hollis said that he and the four children went to church together, and a photo shows the group sitting down to a meal together. Another picture shows all four kids frolicking in a swimming pool.

Hollis revealed that the weekend wasn't all fun and games. He said that while organizing closets in the home, he found "the inevitable evidence of what 'was'" in an old picture of himself and Rachel together.

"I saw the hard season that we're going through comes from the privilege of our experience — it feels so hard & sad exists because of the thing we're grieving," he wrote. "We had a great love, an amazing journey that inside struggle can be hard to see. In that moment there was a flood of gratitude that I was in a position to be sad because of it having produced so many good memories."

Dave Hollis said that finding an old photo of himself and his ex-wife Rachel Hollis brought plenty of bittersweet emotions. mrdavehollis/Instagram

Hollis wrote that after finding the picture — which he also showed in the Instagram post — he prayed that "God (would) remind (him) that this journey's pain will one day be a thing I will also look back (on) with gratitude for the way it will have delivered so much of the good coming."

Hollis ended his post with an optimistic message about the future.

"(I'm) grateful these kids will be wrapped in love, being seen & celebrated at both houses in this new us," he wrote. "If you’re grieving what 'was' today, I pray you have little miracles that give you hope, gratitude in seeing what you had & a lens to see hard times as something one day you’ll point to as when you became so strong. Keep going."