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Danielle Fishel says son Adler is 'still dealing with health issues'

Former "Boy Meets World" star Danielle Fishel says son Adler still has health problems, but adds that he "is home and happy."
/ Source: TODAY

Danielle Fishel says her baby boy continues to have medical issues.

The former “Boy Meets World” star, 38, gave birth to son Adler four weeks early back in June and he remained in the NICU for three weeks. He was born with a condition called chylothorax, in which lymphatic fluids seep between the lungs and the wall of the chest, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia website.

"We're still dealing with health issues with him," Fishel told E! News on Saturday. "We are still in and out of the hospital. We're still getting new test results all the time. It's still so hit and miss."

“Unfortunately, my breast milk was creating fluid in his lungs, and we had to take him off of breast milk and put him on a specially formulated formula that doesn’t use the lymphatic system," she told People last month.

Even if there is more ahead of him, Fishel is pleased that Adler is all smiles.

"He's doing well, he's home and he's happy, but there are still some health issues," she told E! News.

While Fishel and husband Jensen Karp work to address Adler’s health problems, the actress says their little bundle of joy is still reaching some key benchmarks.

"He's very strong!" she said. "He lifts his head up! He rolled over from front-to-back at five weeks, which was very soon. I'm not trying to speed up the back-to-front rolling over because then I have to stop swaddling him, and he sleeps so well when he's swaddled. So I'm not encouraging the speediness of this! But he's the best, and he's smiley and he's happy and he's giggling."