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Danielle Fishel gets real about first-time motherhood

The actress is adjusting to life with her newborn son, who returned home from the NICU earlier this week.
/ Source: Today

Danielle Fishel is adjusting to life as a new mom.

This week, Fishel and her husband, Jensen Karp, brought their son Adler home from the hospital after he spent three weeks in the NICU. The couple’s first child was born a month prematurely on June 24.

Motherhood is hard work and the former “Boy Meets World” star has no trouble getting real about life with a newborn.

“The house is a mess, I have a stye on my left eye, I haven't showered in two days, I can't remember when I did anything (when did we change his diaper last? What time did I pump?),” the actress shared on Instagram, captioning a photo of her son’s legs propped up against the couple’s adopted Maltipoo, Brunch.

Fishel continued, “@jensenkarp and I now take baby night shifts where we pass each other like zombies on a mission, and they are some of the best days of my life.”

In a personal post on Instagram at the beginning of July, Fishel opened up about the birth of her son, detailing the complications of her early labor.

“One week ago today, on 6/24 at 4:52am, Adler Lawrence Karp made his entrance into the world, 4 weeks early,” she wrote in a caption on Instagram. “My water broke on 6/20, one day before my work week directing at Raven's Home ended and my maternity leave began. I was hospitalized that night and put on magnesium sulfate because Adler was only 35 weeks old.”

After Fishel’s ultrasound, her doctor found fluid in her son’s lungs and he was admitted into the NICU.

Even with Adler in the NICU, Fishel continued to share updates on social media, documenting his recovery.

Fishel sang the praises of the nurses and doctors in the NICU and thanked everyone who sent encouraging and hopeful messages and prayers to her.

“We’re still in the hospital but Adler is getting better and stronger every day,” Fishel wrote, just a few days before Adler was released from the hospital. “@jensenkarp and I keep reminding ourselves that we are extremely lucky - Adler *will* eventually come home with us - and therefore this is nothing but an enormous test of our patience and willingness to relinquish control.”

The couple has had a rough go over the course of the past month but both are excited to embrace their new roles as mom and dad!