Dancing toddler can't get enough of 'Parks and Recreation' song

Toddlers are a busy bunch and Larry Gallagher is no exception. There is one thing, though, that can stop this 18-month-old in his tracks.

Though he’s too young to appreciate the comedic talents of Amy Poehler and the rest of the “Parks and Recreation” cast, the show’s catchy opening tune grabs Larry’s attention.

“Any time the theme song comes on, he kind of stops everything he’s doing and comes in the room and he starts dancing,” says his dad, also named Larry Gallagher. “He goes crazy dancing.”

Baby Larry shakes his hands and twists his hips and squeals with laughter.

“He gets his hands moving, he goes with beat,” said Gallagher, 34. “It’s fun to watch.”

The Jersey City, N.J., father of three first noticed his son’s love of the upbeat song as he watched the NBC show with his 14-year-old daughter a few months ago.

He began taping Larry’s reaction to the song and posted a compilation video of Larry’s moves to YouTube on Friday. He posted it on Twitter the next day in a tweet that included cast members’ Twitter handles. Chris Pratt, who plays goofy Andy Dwyer, shared it with his legion of followers.

“It caught fire from there because he liked it,” said Gallagher, whose video has been viewed 161,000 times and counting.

While baby Larry enjoys all kinds of music, the “Parks and Rec” theme song triggers a joy in him like no other.

“He likes music. He likes to dance, but that song in particular, he’s entranced by it,” Gallagher said. “This is the one that really gets him going.”

When the song ends, the toddler doesn’t stick around for the show. “He goes back to his business and he goes and get his toys,” his dad said.

Larry is a fun-loving boy who is always smiling, Gallagher said, adding, “He makes us laugh. He has a lot of energy.”

Like the makers of many videos that end up going viral, Gallagher and his wife didn’t anticipate such a huge response.

“We were blown away to see how many people were loving it,” he said. “You see stuff like this happen all the time. You don’t think it will happen to you. To us, this is just what our child does.”

The family is pleased, though, that Larry's dancing and laughing are making other people happy.

“It’s been really awesome to see this happen,” Gallagher said. “I hope people are getting joy out of seeing what makes us laugh. It makes us smile. If it’s making somebody else smile, that’s good enough for us.”

As for baby Larry, Gallagher said: “Maybe he has a future in entertainment.”