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Mom of dancing angel in viral pageant video shares her amazing story

Four-year-old Isabella Grace's dance at a Christmas pageant is a holiday gift to all of us.
/ Source: TODAY

In a viral video from her church Christmas pageant earlier this month, 4-year-old Isabella Grace Webb's dance to "O Come Let Us Adore Him" is holiday perfection.

While shepherds, angels and other biblically-clad characters peacefully sing the iconic Christmas hymn, little Isabella sways back and forth, throws her hands in the air and approaches her role as an angel with a joyous amount of sass.

More than 20 million people have viewed the video on Facebook, adding funny comments like, "Girl can move!" and, "It's so boring being still," to the post.

Isabella's mom, Leslie Webb, says Isabella is her "miracle baby" who has overcome great obstacles and has been dancing since the moment she first felt her move in her stomach.

"She and I both survived a horrible car accident where I was T-boned by a semi-truck while six months pregnant with her," Webb told TODAY Parents. "I had to be cut from the vehicle and eventually transferred to a level one trauma center...among multiple injuries, I sustained a broken neck, broken ribs and a shattered pelvis from being crushed between the truck and my middle console."

Webb says baby Isabella never showed signs of stress or discomfort during her extensive treatment and recovery.

Leslie Webb was six months pregnant with her daughter, Isabella, when she was in a serious car accident. Although the sustained multiple injuries, her daughter was unharmed.Leslie Webb

"She was completely fine and constantly moving, even when I was in an induced coma," said Webb. "During each shift change, we would listen to the same tragic update being delivered to the next nurse about the extent of my injuries, yet each update would finish up with a bright smile when explaining that the little girl inside of me had just been dancing the whole time."

Since her birth in September 2015, Webb says her daughter has never stopped moving.

"We can't get her to stop," said the Chesterton, Indiana, mom. "She loves to dance, sing and practice gymnastics. She loves it all, from gospel to hip hop. She has always been our dancing angel and we will always encourage her to be herself."

While her own movement is impaired to this day from her injuries and her voice is quieter than before the accident due to trauma from being intubated, Webb says Isabella makes up for what she is unable to do herself.

Webb says Isabella, 4, loves all types of music and dancing and never stops moving.Leslie Webb

"Both of these limitations are my daughter's strengths," said Webb, who has two other children, ages 19 and 5. "She has a voice that carries in any crowd she is in — Isabella is our little siren. Whenever I hear or see her living out loud, I am reminded of how God touched her life, and changed ours in such a significant way."

Webb, who works as a function manager for Walgreens, says she and her husband, Clarence, are glad their daughter's unique personality is bringing a bit of holiday cheer to people this season.

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"We think people are connecting with Isabella because they see themselves in her and they see their children," said Webb. "They see her celebrating Jesus and dancing like no one's watching. She is living her life fearlessly."

"When I asked her why she was dancing like that, Isabella said, 'Because it's Jesus' birthday,'" Webb continued. "We were definitely laughing and crying while it was happening, but we were not surprised by any of her dance moves."