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See the sweet moment a UPS driver surprised his kids

After a week of long work days, a dad of 3 surprised his family with a special delivery — his presence at dinner time.

Delivery drivers have been working long hours since the pandemic, and UPS driver Corey Begnoche is no exception.

The dad of three young girls is grateful for his job, but between 10-hour days and an hour-long round-trip commute, he’s been missing more than few family dinners lately.

Begnoche covers a route that’s about 30 minutes from his house in Colchester, Vermont.

But recently after his regular shift, he was asked to help out another driver, closer to home.

And that’s when Begnoche hatched a plan to surprise his little girls, who had been missing him at bedtime that week.

“When Corey found out he had a delivery on our street,” says his wife, Alexis LaCross, “He called me and said, ‘Go outside with the girls, get out the sidewalk chalk. Do anything to get them outside.’”

The girls — 7-year-old Bryleigh, 6-year-old Ila and 2-year-old Eliana —had already eaten dinner and were in their pajamas, ready to wind down for bed.

But LaCross brought them out to the front yard, and soon a UPS signature brown truck pulled up in front.

Even baby sister Eliana knows their dad does not usually deliver on their street, so she was chanting, “That’s not daddy, that’s not daddy,” which her mom says the toddler now remarks each time a brown truck passes by.

But then the screams erupted when the girls finally caught a glimpse of who was behind the wheel.

“It is Daddy! I told you guys,” said middle sister Ila, as the girls rushed to their father, overjoyed at the surprise stop.

“What are you doing here?” said oldest sibling Bryleigh.

Begnoche sweetly bent down to give each of his daughters a very special hug.

“Corey misses a lot of time at home.” says LaCross. “He makes a lot of sacrifices to support our family, so I can be here to take care of them.”

LaCross says that thanks to her husband, she’s able to be home to get her older girls on and off the bus and attend all of their sporting events.

“UPS drivers are known for working crazy hours, and that week, he had not made it home for dinner or bedtime once.”

The special delivery, “totally made their night,” LaCross said.

LaCross says she did not expect her video to go viral on TikTok, but many of people seemed to be able to relate to her family’s situation.

“A lot of people were commenting on the video, saying they get it, because they are the wife of delivery driver.”