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Seth Meyers details wife’s home birth: ‘More miracle than medical’

Last year, Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Meyers welcomed their third child, a daughter named Adelaide.

Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Meyers are no stranger to an exciting birth story.

In 2016, their son Ashe Olsen Meyers arrived two weeks early, causing his parents to rush to the hospital in an Uber. Two years later, their second son, Axel Strahl Meyers, was famously born in the lobby of their apartment building, inspiring Meyers’ 2019 Netflix comedy special “Lobby Baby.”

Last year, the Meyers family grew by one more. The the former “Saturday Night Live” star revealed in November that the couple quietly welcomed their third child, in September 2021.

As for her birth story, well, Meyers told TODAY’s Willie Geist during the most recent Sunday Sitdown that baby Addie's birth went “as planned" unlike her brothers.

During the interview, Willie asked the question on everyone’s minds: “Was she born — this is an important question for you — in a medical setting?”

“Well, that’s an interesting question. We had a home birth. So I mean, hopefully you count that,” Meyers explained. “She wasn’t born in a hospital. She was born in a bathtub, as planned.”

Meyers cracked a joke about his daughter’s birth story, telling Willie, “I mean, as a comedian, it’s a little disappointing that more didn’t go wrong. I mean, I’m happy for her, I’m happy for the mother.”

The “Late Night” host said there likely wouldn’t be a follow-up to his 2019 comedy special because of this.

“Yeah no, nobody’s gonna watch a special called ‘Planned Home Birth,'" Meyers joked. "Skip.”

Later, Meyers made another joke about his daughter’s birth when discussing getting back on stage, explaining, “It was super exciting to get back onstage. I mean, obviously, every time I go onstage I’m a little disappointed about how boring Addie’s birth was, but you know, gotta move on.” 

When Willie suggested that Meyers “fudge it” a little, Meyers laughed, telling him, “I think that’s fine. That’s for her to work out in therapy 30 years from now."

Addie won’t be alone when trying to live up to her older brother’s birth story. Even Ashe — who had a hilarious birth story himself — has been getting envious of Axel’s “Lobby Baby” title.

“Well, I think my son, my oldest son is now jealous of Lobby Baby,” Meyers explained. “‘Cause when we’re in the park, people will say, ‘So that’s Lobby Baby?’ And my oldest one says, ‘I’m a hospital baby.’ And everybody’s, like, ‘Okay?’ Because nobody cares. It’s like, the most common kind of baby.”

Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist - Season 36
Willie Geist and Seth Meyers in March 2022.Nathan Congleton / NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

All jokes aside, Meyers and his wife were more than pleased with the birth of their daughter, especially after the tumultuous birthing experiences of their sons.

“I’ve been saying to people, you know, I would never have gone for this if it was our first, I just would’ve been too scared about the idea of having a baby at home,” Meyers explained. “But we had great people with us. And because of having it at home, like, it was way more miracle than medical. And she was born at a perfect time, like, you know, 11:00 at night, she slept between my wife and I in bed.”

Addie's smooth birth wasn't the only thing that shook up the Meyers family dynamic. Up until she was born, the family was dealing with a lot of "all-boy situations" and have gladly welcomed more female energy into the house.

“It does feel like it’s just gonna add another dimension to the whole thing," he explained. "And I’m fascinated, too, ‘cause I grew up — I only had a brother, and then I only had boys, and now I have this new thing. And I just can’t imagine it’s not gonna be anything other than this gigantic gift."