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What the cluck? Dad is stumped when his 5-year-old requests ‘People Chicken’

Can you guess what he meant?
/ Source: TODAY

A Minnesota dad has the internet clucking with laughter.

In a recent TikTok video, Dillon Michael White recalled coming home to find his wife, Suzanne, in the kitchen consoling their visibly frustrated 5-year-old son.

When White, 36, asked what was going on, Suzanne, 34, explained that Mason wanted something called "People Chicken."

“At that point, Mason just starts shaking, and is like, ‘I WANT PEOPLE CHICKEN!’” White said. When pressed for details, the child clarified that the chicken looks like people. 

A quick-thinking White grabbed a pen and a piece of scrap paper and asked Mason to draw a picture of his dinner request. When Mason was done, White commented that the illustration looked very much like a stick figure.

The little boy’s eyes lit up. He was getting somewhere!

“He goes, “’Stick figure chicken! Stick figure chicken!’” White said.

Unfortunately, Mason’s parents still had no idea what he meant.

According to White, this went on for 17 minutes. 

Then suddenly, White’s daughter, Riley, 7, had a brilliant idea. She suggested that her father search on his phone for local chicken restaurants. Surely the people chicken place would pop up.

Son wants People Chicken
Mason drew a picture of what he wanted.Courtesy Dillon Michael White

“It takes no more than 21 seconds … for us to figure out exactly what people chicken, stick figure chicken is,” White said. 

If you haven’t guessed already, it’s KFC!

“I don’t know why in all the years I’ve been living, I never thought of the fact that this man might be wearing a bow tie (and) scarf or alternative viewpoint, might actually be a very large head on a stick figure body.” 

White, a law professor, tells he can't remember the last time Mason ate KFC.

Son wants People Chicken
He finally figured it out!Courtesy Dillon Michael White

“I can say, ‘Let’s go brush your teeth and two seconds later, he forgets, but he can remember a restaurant that we went to a year ago," White says, with a laugh.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Mason did get his chicken!

White’s TikTok video has been seen more than 21 million times and the comments are golden.

  • "4 kids later I IMMEDIATELY guessed KFC."
  • "My youngest cried for 'man chips' for several days until we figured out he wanted PRINGLES."
  • "Ya know ... the resemblance of his drawing is quite accurate but chicken fingers were my guess not KFC."
  • "My oldest daughter screams 'little body' every time we go by KFC!"
  • "My grandson calls communion wafers 'jeezits'”
  • "I definitely thought he was thinking Popeyes!"
  • "My daughter called it chicken man. Would scream, I want the chicken man. It took us forever to figure it out."
  • "My 3-year-old calls sheets 'cold blankies' and blankets 'hot blankies.' I have to agree children should name every thing."