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Josh Brolin describing his daughter’s wedding day is pure poetry

Eden Brolin got married to longtime boyfriend Cameron Crosby in a beautiful countryside wedding that was filled with the "sounds of the wildlife."
Josh Brolin smiles with daughter Eden in the backseat of his car.
Josh Brolin smiles with daughter Eden in the backseat of his car.joshbrolin / Instagram

Josh Brolin believes that his daughter Eden had one of the "greatest" weddings he's ever seen.

On Sunday, Eden Brolin, 28, and her boyfriend, Cameron Crosby, tied the knot in the countryside.

"My daughter having just gotten married and all of us having been inside the greatest, most intimate wedding ceremony I’ve ever seen," the elder Brolin wrote in a Monday Instagram post alongside a photo of him and his daughter in a car. "Everything was real and as diverse as the personalities involved were, everything was selfless, connected, and directed towards the wedding couple."

The "Dune" actor noted that seeing his daughter get married brought up a lot of sentimental memories for him and it made him think about how "certain relationships resonate."

He waxed poetic about being a father to his two older kids, Eden and Trevor Brolin, 33, with ex-wife Alice Adair, and his two younger kids, Westlyn, 3, and Chapel, 1, whom he shares with wife Kathryn Boyd Brolin.

"I have little kids to raise again, entire lives to monitor and be sensitive to," Brolin said. "I didn’t grow old and go off to Italy. I stayed and walked my daughter over a grassy countryside to a commitment — a groom with tears falling down his cheeks — and I melted with it, into it."

"I am ripped open this morning," Brolin added. "My son and my daughters are happy, contented. All the greatest gifts have no form, and sit there waiting to be acknowledged."

In August 2018, Eden Brolin announced that she and Crosby got engaged when she shared a photo of herself wearing what looked like an emerald engagement ring on Instagram.

Then in February, two months before they wed, Brolin raved about what it's been like to know Crosby the "last four and change years." And she said that he still makes her "heart swell."

"While we have our differences, who doesn’t, you have truly the most amazing heart. you have been so supportive and understanding, I love that we understand each other more every day, and are learning to communicate more openly and easily," she wrote.

"I marvel at your willingness, your humor, the way you feel so deeply. you bring me coffee every morning without fail, cook me food that nourishes me, and you are so patient and so kind," the younger Brolin continued. "Im grateful to laugh with you, I’m grateful to wake up to your sweet face. I love you, I look up to you and I can’t wait to get home and see you."