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Jenna Bush Hager and sister Barbara explain how their dad nudges them to be on time

Jenna Bush Hager and her twin sister, Barbara Bush, agreed they were never late growing up with their father, former President George W. Bush.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's Jenna Bush Hager and her sister, Barbara Bush, aren't early birds.

In fact, Jenna and Barbara agreed they love arriving to the airport mere minutes before their flights, the twin sisters told fourth hour co-host Hoda Kotb on Nov. 7.

Jenna's and Barbara's late scheduling habits irk one person in their lives in particular (besides Hoda) — their father, former President George W. Bush.

Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"Even at 42 years old, when we had an early flight, he's like, 'Girls! What time will you'll be waking up?' Like seven times!" Jenna said. "'What time are you leaving for the airport?' We're like, 'Dad ...'"

Hoda asked Barbara if she likes to get to the airport right before her flight, like her sister Jenna does.

"I see no reason to have extra time at the airport," Barbara replied, to Hoda's astonishment. "Dad once texted my husband and said, 'Barbara needs to be ready at 7:30.' And my husband said, 'I'll do my best.' My dad replied, 'That's not good enough.'"

Barbara added that when she's on vacation, she likes to wake up about three minutes before she has to be somewhere.

"I want to stay under the covers as long as physically possible," she said. "I love being horizontal."

"Barbara loves sleep so much," Jenna gushed, before Barbara shared she aims to get eight hours of sleep per night, but that her dream is 13 hours.

"I don't sleep that late, but I set the alarm three minutes (before needing to wake up)," Barbara said. "That gives me me enough time to brush my teeth, make a coffee and then I like to power walk."

Jenna said her father's nudging prepared her for hanging out with Hoda, who likes to arrive to places early.

"We did tell my dad at dinner how much he prepared me for you," Jenna told Hoda. "Did Dad not prepare us for that?"

Barbara responded: "Yes, I mean, we were constantly in a state of ..."

"Being frazzled!" Jenna finished Barbara's sentence.

"Even though we were never late!" Barbara added, making Hoda burst into laughter.

Jenna and Barbara recently got dinner with their parents in Texas while on their book tour for their children's book, "Love Comes First."

The four got together to celebrate former first lady Laura Bush's 77th birthday on Nov. 4.

“Happiest birthday to our darling mama!” Jenna wrote in the caption of her Nov. 5 Instagram post, which featured her and Barbara sitting across from their mom and dad. “(We’re) so happy to get to spend the night with you just the four of us! We love you so!”

Jenna shared more about the special moment with Hoda on Nov. 6.

“We went to dinner just the four of us, and what we realized is, I don’t think we’ve been just the four of us in almost 20 years ... that’s an exaggeration. But let’s say a decade, because I have had a husband for a long time, we’ve had children for 10 years, Barbara’s had boyfriends and husbands, etc., etc.,” Jenna said.

After laughing with Hoda and explaining the two et ceteras were her way of referring to Barbara getting married, Jenna added: “There was something about it that was really special, to be just the four of us.”

But the fun night didn't end with dinner, Jenna said.

“We had the best time and then we went and all got in bed,” she said. “My dad was watching some sort of football game, and my mom opened her presents. And then we went to bed at 8:45. Anyway, it was so much fun.”