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James Van Der Beek reflects on welcoming a ‘surprise’ son after pregnancy loss

The "Dawson's Creek" alum and his wife, Kimberly, thought they were done having kids.
James Van Der Beek and his 5-month-old son, Jeremiah.
James Van Der Beek and his 5-month-old son, Jeremiah.vanderjames/ Instagram

James Van Der Beek is counting his blessings.

On Thursday, Van Der Beek shared a series of photos in which he and his 5-month-old son, Jeremiah, are seen taking in a sunset.

The “Dawson’s Creek” star and his wife, Kimberly Van Der Beek, welcomed Jeremiah in November 2021, after experiencing two late-term pregnancy losses. 

“Thank god for the surprises. For the detours. For those times the universe heard my plans and said: ‘Yeah, that’s cute… try THIS,’” Van Der Beek wrote on Instagram. “We weren’t trying for more kids. We were done. But fortunately, this chunky little angel knew better.” 

“And when I hold him, I’m reminded of the benevolent forces out there likely laughing at my agenda and waiting for me to toss my ‘clarity’ for an upgraded reality,” he continued. “Thank god for surprises… and thank god we SUCK at not getting pregnant.”

Van Der Beek and Kimberly are also parents of Olivia, 11, Joshua, 10, Annabel, 8, Emilia, 6, and Gwendolyn, 3. 

Van Der Beek surprised fans last year when he announced the “safe, happy arrival of Jeremiah Van Der Beek.” In his Instagram post, the actor said that they kept the pregnancy quiet due to previous losses, and noted that he was "terrified" when he found out they were expecting.

The couple relocated from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, in 2020 and are raising their family on a sprawling 36-acre property. At the time of the move, he cited personal tragedies and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as reasons.

“We’re so happy right now,” Van Der Beek told TODAY Parents that year. “It’s been really good for all of us.”