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Dad whose three children were killed by a drunk driver dies the day after Father’s Day

Edward Lake lost his kids, Daniel, 9, Harry, 5, and Milly, 2, in 2015.
Jennifer Neville-Lake, who lost her three young children in 2015, is now mourning the loss of her husband, Edward Lake.
Jennifer Neville-Lake, who lost her three young children in 2015, is now mourning the loss of her husband, Edward Lake. Courtesy Jennifer Neville-Lake
/ Source: TODAY

Edward Lake, whose three children were killed when their car was struck by a drunk driver, died on Monday, seven years after the crash.

Edward's wife of 16 years, Jennifer Neville-Lake, shared the heartbreaking news on Twitter on Monday. In her post, she included a photo of their kids, Daniel, Harry and Milly, who were 9, 5 and 2, respectively, at the time of the fatal crash in 2015.

“The eyes he shared with Harry are forever closed. Daniel’s curls will never shine in the sunlight again,” Jennifer wrote. "I will never see Milly’s shy smile creep across his lips anymore. My children’s father, Edward Lake, has joined our kids so they can play together, forever.”

Police have not yet responded to TODAY’s request for information about Lake’s cause of death.

Jennifer’s father, Gary Neville, also was killed in the 2015 crash in the Greater Toronto Area. Her mother and grandmother were severely injured but survived. Driver Marco Muzzo had just returned to Canada from a bachelor party in Miami the night he ran a stop sign and T-boned their vehicle.

In 2016, Muzzo was sentenced to nine years and four months in prison. He was granted full parole in February of last year.

“I don’t have anyone left to call me mom. You killed all my babies," Jennifer told Muzzo at his sentencing haring in 2016. “I miss my kids, I miss my dad. I want my old life back.”

Edward Lake said in a statement that he was suffering from suicidal thoughts and intense anxiety, CityNews Toronto reported at the time.

“I feel lost. I feel destroyed. That’s what I feel,” he said outside the courthouse.

In 2019, Jennifer opened up to TODAY Parents about missing her life as a "mom to living children."

Jennifer remembered Daniel as a "proud ballet dancer and member of Scouts Canada." He dreamed of writing his own cookbook called "Daniel's Book of Good Eating."

Harry was an upper limb amputee with many health issues, Jennifer said. "He was very happy-go-lucky and loved to bring flowers to folks and share treasures," she revealed. "He loved animals and especially bugs and worms. He would cradle them in his hands and giggle at them, telling them jokes."

Milly, the baby of the family, loved being close to her parents, Jennifer said.

"Her idea of dancing was to be in someone's arms — usually daddy's — and being twirled around," Jennifer recalled. "If Milly gave you her hand to hold then you just knew you were in her inner circle and that would be followed up by a hug and kiss from her."

In 2018, Neville-Lake founded Many Hands, Doing Good, a nonprofit that provides art and music therapy for young people dealing with trauma. It’s been a way for Neville-Lake to honor Daniel, Harry and Milly’s legacy.

"What helps to keep me here until my natural death is all the kind words and messages that people send us to let us know we are not alone in this inky hellish blackness, that people are walking with us as much as they can," she told TODAY. "Every note, every kind word is a flicker of light that helps to keep us here."

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