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Carson Daly says wife Siri once told him the gender of their oldest child in her sleep

Carson said that his wife, Siri Daly, spilled the beans in her third trimester.
/ Source: TODAY

Carson Daly shared that he found out the sex of his oldest child, Jackson, in a really unconventional way.

Carson said he learned the gender when wife Siri Daly started talking in her sleep, and he recalled the moment March 21 on TODAY.

"My wife told me the gender of our oldest child while she was sleep-talking," he said.

Carson added that at that time, he didn't know the baby's sex but Siri did.

"I left all the doctors appointments when that time came, and then third trimester one night she got chatty," he said.

"She let it loose," Savannah Guthrie said shocked. "Oh, my gosh."

At that point, Carson told pregnant Sarah Snook, whom he was interviewing about the new season of "Succession," that her husband "might want to sleep somewhere else" in case she were to spill the beans about their baby's sex.

At the Season Four premiere of "Succession," Snook revealed that she was pregnant with her and husband Dave Lawson's first child. She also told Savannah on TODAY that she was keeping the baby's gender a secret.

"That's hard to do. I did it myself. It's hard to not find out," Savannah, who is a mom of two, said.

"It is," Snook replied. "But it's also easy. You just sort of block it out, like just don't think about it too much."

Along with Jackson, 14, Carson is also a dad to his three daughters, Etta, 10, London, 8, and Goldie, 2, whom he shares with Siri. But out of all of his kids, fans say that Jackson looks the most like his dad.

In June 2022, Carson shared a sweet photo of himself hugging Jackson from behind, and he captioned it, "Father-Son time ❤️."

In the comments, one person wrote, "Holy cow, twins!!" And another said, "Wow he looks just like his Dad!"

Jackson has also learned a lot from his dad. Although he's just a teenager, Jackson has already interviewed a few celebrities, including Hugh Jackman and Matthew McConaughey.

When asked last year what he's learned about interviewing celebrities from his dad, Jackson said on TODAY, "I learned that you always have to be prepared and just act like you’re having a conversation. (Celebrities) are just regular people… Don’t overthink it."