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Carson Daly has special plans to honor both of his late dads on Father’s Day

The TODAY co-host shares how he’ll pay tribute to his dad, Jim “J.D” Daly, and his stepfather, Richard Caruso, whom he lovingly called “Pops.”
/ Source: TODAY

Carson Daly’s Father’s Day plans include honoring two very special men: his late dads.

Carson was just 5 years old when Jim “J.D.” Daly, died from bladder cancer. The TODAY co-host’s stepfather, Richard Caruso, whom he affectionally called "Pops," passed away in 2017 following a battle with bone cancer.

"I think about both of them every day," Carson tells

On Father's Day, Carson says he'll fire up J.D.’s 1977 Corvette, which is parked in his driveway.  

“I don’t drive it that much anymore. But on Father’s Day, I’ll take it to go get coffee and I’ll think of my dad,” Carson shares. “I drove in that exact car when I was a little boy.”

Carson notes that he’ll crank down the windows and listen to songs by the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and James Taylor. 

“That was the music he loved,” Carson says.  

Later in the day, Carson plans to watch the the U.S. Open Golf Championship. 

“My stepdad and I bonded over golf. It was our common denominator — and we would always watch the U.S. Open on Father’s Day,” Carson says. “So I’ll pour a beer in a frosted mug for me, and I’ll pour one for my dad.

“I’ll pretend he’s still here,” Carson continues. “I remember that feeling of sitting there with him — and I’ll try and just tap into that. What else can you do?”

Carson’s kids have informed him that they’re preparing a special Father’s Day breakfast. Carson and his wife, Siri Daly, are parents of son Jackson, 14, and daughters Etta, 10, London, 8, and Goldie, 3. 

“I get up at the crack of dawn because of my TODAY Show schedule. So I think they were worried I was going to take matters into my own hands and go and get bagels for everyone,” he explains. “So I have a breakfast to look forward to on Sunday morning.”

Carson expects the family will also attend a church service and go swimming.

“Hopefully we’ll barbecue,” he says. “I want to smell like barbecue smoke before I go to bed!”