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Andy Cohen gives brutally honest answer to how son Ben treats daughter Lucy

The TV personality is telling it like it is.

How do Andy Cohen's two young children really get along? The "Watch What Happens Live" host just shared a hilarious answer that all parents can relate to.

Cohen, 54, is father to Ben, 4, and Lucy, 10 months. During an appearance on "The Tonight Show" this week, the star told Jimmy Fallon that his kids are doing "so good."

While looking at a photo of his daughter, Cohen said, "She's got big blue eyes. She's so cute." The ever-honest TV personality also shared an update on how his son interacts with his little sister.

"Ben is alternately just trying to love her and kill her," he said with a smirk.

"He's a little love. Look at Ben," Fallon replied and held up a photo of the day Ben first met Lucy.

Cohen also announced that Lucy recently met a major developmental milestone.

"She started crawling last week. We were trying to teach her how to crawl for a long time," the proud dad said.

The Bravo star also posted the exciting news on Instagram and shared a photo with his adorable daughter.

"Crawling classes are IN SESSION! More available through the weekend — signup sheet in the lobby!" he captioned the Jan. 21 post.

Last month, the father of two posted a sweet video of Lucy laughing for almost a minute. Ben also makes a quick cameo in the clip and can be heard giggling.

In October, Cohen brought his little lady to the BravoCon event and shared a photo with Lucy from the stage. “Bring your Daughter to #BravoCon Day!” he captioned the post.

Cohen has always been rather honest about the joys and challenges of parenting. In September, he shared a video that showed Ben crying and screaming in the middle of a road trip. Last year, the proud dad also reflected on the joy of having his son watching him during CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live.”

Now that he has a daughter in the house, Cohen is also practicing his hairstyling skills, and in November he shared a funny video of her perky hairstyle that was inspired by "The Flintstones."

Since becoming a father, Cohen has enlisted the advice of several of his famous pals, including Anderson Cooper, whom he has bonded with over becoming parents later in life. The friends even get their kids together regularly for play dates.

Cohen has also turned to his pals Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa for some parenting know-how.

“Kelly and Sarah Jessica have been really great because I can text them at any time, and be like, ‘Ben is constipated,’” he said in November. “Then I know immediately what to run out and get.”