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Uncle Anderson Cooper meets Andy Cohen’s new baby girl

Cohen's newborn daughter was born via surrogate on April 29.
/ Source: TODAY

Anderson Cooper finally met Andy Cohen's newborn daughter, Lucy!

On Saturday, May 7, Cohen shared an adorable photo of Cooper interacting with Lucy on his Instagram. In the snap, Cooper appeared to be holding his hand out to the newborn while she reached one of her hands up to him.

“Uncle Anderson, keeping Lucy honest!” Cohen captioned the photo, before sharing his daughter’s outfit details. “(Also — the @fendi pants were a gift for Ben from Denise Richards, and the bedazzled Snoopy onesie was courtesy Marie Osmond! So happy to be able to pass them on to Lucy!)”

Cohen welcomed his newborn daughter via surrogate on April 29. He is also the father of a 3-year-old son, Benjamin, who had the most adorable reaction to meeting his younger sister.

In one photo shared on Instagram, Cohen captured his son giving his new sister a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“When Ben met Lucy,” he captioned the photo.

Cohen and Cooper have had a close friendship for well over two decades and have already started facilitating the second generation of friendship between their children. The friends, who have weekly playdates with their kids, have well-documented some of the adorable moments between their kids over the years.

Back in February, Cooper welcomed his second son, Sebastian. Naturally, Cooper–who is also father to 2-year-old Wyatt–introduced his son to Cohen and Ben, as captured in an adorable moment shared on the Bravo TV host’s Instagram.

In the photo, Cohen held Sebastian while Ben, who sat next to him on the couch, gently touched the newborn's head.

“Today we met our new pal Sebastian Maisani-Cooper!” the caption read. “He’s a peaceful beauty. Ben calls him ‘Wheels’! Mazel to Anderson & Benjamin."

Last month, Ben and Wyatt not only stole the hearts of their dads' viewers, but also their roles on camera, too. The two toddlers showed off their prospective hosting skills in an adorable moment that was captured by Cohen.

On Instagram, he shared a photo of the two boys sitting in their respective chairs on the set of “Watch What Happens Live." Ben appeared to be smiling as he posed for the photo, while Wyatt merely stared at him from his seat.

“New WWHL co-hosts Ben & Wyatt are taking over my show,” Cohen joked in the caption. “Thanks for a great run, Bravo!”

Cooper shared the same image on his Instagram, writing in the caption, "Wyatt dropped by Ben’s show the other day. From the looks of it he wasn’t sure what to make of it."