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Dads serenade moms wearing 'mom shorts' in new Holderness family parody

In the Holderness family's parody of a New Kids on the Block hit, dads drive through town singing praise for their wives' mom shorts.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Summer is coming and when Kim Holderness and her mom friends go shopping for clothes for warmer temperatures, they're not looking for short, impractical shorts made for teenage girls — they're looking for mom shorts.

In the Holderness family's parody of the New Kids on the Block hit "The Right Stuff," Kim and her friends are serenaded by their husbands, who drive through town in their minivan, singing about how sexy-yet-practical they find their wives' mom shorts.

"You've got the mom shorts, baby. Too much sense to rock a thong. You've got the mom shorts, baby. Looser and a lot more long," Penn Holderness sings in the parody.

"Mom Shorts" is the parody of a New Kids on the Block hit performed by the Holderness family.YouTube

Later, Penn praises the functionality of his wife's mom shorts, singing, "They're big and they're pulled up. I love the way you rock it. And they fan out to keep all that stuff that's in your pocket."

Kim tells TODAY that her favorite type of mom shorts are, in fact, those with plenty of pockets to hold her family's supplies on a trip to the park.

"I can't carry a purse at the park because I want to run around and play with my kids," said Kim. "I love the cargo shorts that have 37 pockets for Chapstick, my phone, and treasures the kids find along the way."

MOM SHORTS | New Kids on the Block Parody | The Holderness FamilyYouTube

"Listen, if I don't feel comfortable and confident I don't feel attractive. I think being sure of yourself is sexy. So yes. Mom shorts make me feel sexy," Kim admits. "There was a time when I could rock those teeny shorts with confidence. If I have to be constantly tugging on my shorts to make sure my thighs are covered, I'm miserable."