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By Kavita Varma-White

Two-year-old Banneker Hall isn’t quite potty trained yet, but recently he noticed some cute cartoon underwear in his drawer (hand-me-downs from 8-year-old big brother Emerson) and seemed eager to wear them.

Later his mom Susan Hall, of Boulder, Colorado, reached for her camera to take some pictures. “Currently, Banneker loves to have ‘conversations’ with me, so I struck up the continuing conversation of potty training and I said, ‘Did you know Emerson wore diapers?’ He gave me a funny look,” Hall says. “So I thought, hmmm, let’s turn on the video and see how he reacts when I ask him about his daddy wearing diapers.”

The resulting video is priceless, with an incredulous, adorable Banneker responding, “My dad? Kevin Hall?...What? No!”

For the past year, Banneker has used his mom’s iPhone to ask Siri to “call Daddy Hall,” and he now refers to him as, “my daddy Kevin Hall.”  

The Hall family lives in Boulder, Colorado.Today

Hall posted the video to Facebook and has loved the reaction from family and friends. She's hoping Banneker's revelation about his dad — who told, "I am happy to say that I graduated from diapers" — might speed up the potty training process. She just may be on to something.

After seeing the video, Banneker chuckled and said, "Let's talk about diapers, Mom." 

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