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This dad will melt your heart when he sings in sign language with his daughter

This sweet daddy-daughter pair sings the cutest version of "If You're Happy And You Know It" in sign language.
/ Source: TODAY

Kevin Nadrowski's family found out he was deaf when he was 11 months old.

While his family didn't have any experience helping a child with this issue, Kevin knew he could provide his support and guidance when his daughter, Bayleigh, was born unable to hear.

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"They had no clue what to do with me," Nadrowski told TODAY about growing up with the disability. "I was never exposed to experiencing what my daughter did."

And it's undeniable that Bayleigh and her father are two peas in a pod, especially after seeing the sweet video of him teaching her how to sing her very first song, "If You're Happy and You Know It."

Let's just say watching these two had the entire TODAY office clapping their hands.

"I want her to know that her being deaf doesn't mean she can't sing or enjoy listening to songs," Nadrowski said.

Bayleigh is still singing along to this children's hit every once in a while but lately her focus has shifted.

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"As of right now, we are trying to read books as much as we can," said Nadrowski.

Nadrowski makes sure to seamlessly integrate sign language into all of Bayleigh's experiences.

Kevin teaches Bayleigh how to sign "water."
Kevin teaches Bayleigh how to sign "water."Courtesy of Kevin Nadrowski

He also points out that the ability to hear has no impact on the type of person Bayleigh will become as she gets older. "Hearing status doesn't make you a better person, your humanity does," says Nadrowski.

Kevin teaches Bayleigh how to sign "wolf."
Kevin teaches Bayleigh how to sign "wolf."Courtesy of Kevin Nadrowski

Nadrowski said he posted the video to show that deaf people can do anything, but when it comes to him and his daughter, doing anything is an understatement — their opportunities are boundless!