Dad uses 'the force' of Millennium Falcon to yank girl's tooth: Watch her great reaction!

/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, you need a little help to get a loose tooth out.

Dad (and personal trainer/founder of MobilityWOD) Kelly Starrett knew it, so he harnessed the power of the force — and a Millennium Falcon drone — to help resolve his daughter's dental issue!

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Captured on pictures and a video posted on Instagram Thursday, Starrett showed the preparation for the procedure (note the mouthwash and careful application of floss) and then captured the removal on video!

It just takes a few seconds for everything to happen: They look at the camera, the little girl calls out, "I love you, Chewie" (a dedication to Chewbacca, who helped Han Solo pilot the craft in the movies), and up the Falcon goes!

A surprised look on the girl's face might make you wonder if it actually worked, but — it sure did!

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"The X-Files'" Fox Mulder would be thrilled: The tooth really is out there.

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