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Dad turns 6-month-old son into mischievous leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day

It’s not easy being green and mischievous, but baby, you do it so well.

Courtesy Alan Lawrence
Utah dad Alan Lawrence has created a photo series starring his 6-month-old son Rockwell as a leprechaun.

Alan Lawrence, a dad of five who lives in Paradise, Utah, had so much fun turning his son Rockwell into the Elf on the Shelf in December that he decided to continue the story with other holidays.

His latest adorable photo series features the boy dressed as a leprechaun, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. You can find the images on Lawrence’s That Dad Blog, plus his Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Courtesy Alan Lawrence
"As part of the Leprechaun's 'Green Initiative' he is only eating green food. He was very confused as he tried broccoli for the first time," Lawrence writes on his website.

Rockwell, who is now 6 months old, has a great time playing the mischievous bearded creature thanks to some creative photo editing by his dad, who works as an art director, web designer and photographer.

The baby’s mom made the suit, but the facial hair presented a bit of a problem.

Courtesy Alan Lawrence
Baby Rockwell has some fun with green paint.

“We almost didn’t have him wear the beard because we couldn’t find anything that looked good,” Lawrence told TODAY Parents.

“When you search for orange beards for babies on Amazon, the results are not awesome. At the very last minute we ended up finding some fluffy fabric that looked perfect.”

Courtesy Alan Lawrence
Looking cute with his pot of "gold" (those are actually just chocolates).

Everyone in the family comes up with ideas for the series, Lawrence said. He holds the baby in the photos and then edits himself out. Each image can take up to three hours to create, with the final photo editing requiring the most time and effort.

“I am pretty meticulous about keeping the magic looking as real as possible,” Lawrence noted.

His favorite photo features Rockwell “beautifying” the family dog with a bit of green spray paint (the green fur is achieved with photo editing), with Lawrence tickled by both the baby’s and the dog’s expressions.

Courtesy Alan Lawrence
The cute effects are achieved by lots of photo editing done by the baby's dad.

Another favorite is this washing machine photo, which is so realistic that some of his readers have been trying to figure out how the Lawrences were able to get the paint out of their washing machine afterwards.

Courtesy Alan Lawrence
This load of laundry will have a special green touch.

The family will be posting more photos every day until St. Patrick’s Day, giving baby Rockwell more time to dress up in his leprechaun-best.

“He doesn’t mind the suit, but is not a fan of the beard — he drools a lot and it always manages to get in his mouth,” Lawrence said.

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