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By Terri Peters

Penn Holderness says he’ll be the first person to admit that dads aren’t always the best at executing a successful Thanksgiving dinner. In the Holderness Family’s latest parody, All About That Baste, the father-of-two declares that when it comes to cooking a turkey and all the trimmings, most dads “can’t make it, make it, like they’re supposed to do.”

And setting the table is also out, due to the tendency to put “all the wrong forks in all the wrong places,” Holderness sings in the "All About That Bass" parody.

So, how does the family who has entertained us with videos like Christmas Jammies and Kin and Moose celebrate Thanksgiving?

Holderness tells TODAY Parents that their family's Thanksgiving traditions include viewing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, watching football, and trying to get some outdoor activity in before sharing a feast with their family and guests. 

“I am totally OK with being banished to the corner of the room during Thanksgiving. Especially considering how great Kim is on that day — she is a rock star. And, I like to watch football and drink beer, so this is a win-win,” said Holderness.

Holderness also says that, while he gets out of cooking duty on Thanksgiving, he does help Kim with cleanup, both before guests arrive and once they’ve gone. And, he says the family tries to venture out to a Christmas lot tree once they’re recovered from their meal, so that they can put up their tree and start decorating.

It’s the kind of Christmas spirit brought into their home by a tree that Holderness says he’s waiting on before turning his thoughts to his family’s next holiday video.

“Every time someone mentions this year’s Christmas video, I have a miniature heart attack. I haven’t come up with anything yet. But that’s sort of by design — I don’t want to make it until I’m in the Christmas spirit. I'd like to keep it true to the last two Christmas cards we did — keeping people up to date on our family, tell a couple funny jokes, and who knows what else?”

In the meantime, Holderness said in a recent blog post about the video that he isn’t complaining about his assigned job of basting the family’s turkey every thirty minutes, adding that he “feels lucky to be in the same zip code (as Kim) on Thanksgiving,” and will happily be wearing a kitchen timer around his neck, dousing the Holderness family turkey in butter in between entertaining guests with the NFL network.