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Dad takes on Mom in epic triplets-and-toddler change-a-thon

It's Dad vs. Mom in the follow-up video in which a parent tries to dress baby triplets and an active toddler. Who does it better?
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

It’s Dad’s turn in the arena!

After the mega-viral success of their video showing Canadian mom Corrie-Lynn Whyte as she expertly handled the chaos of dressing 8-month-old triplets Levi, Olivia, and Jackson and 2-year-old toddler, Emily, for bedtime, dad Dan Gibson decided to try his hand at the same challenge “for a little friendly competition,” Gibson said.

“Watch this average dad try to compete with super-mom!” says the video’s caption.

The sequel from the family behind the blog The Baby Gang has over 3.3 million views on Facebook since it was posted Feb. 13. So now that we have filmed evidence on both sides, who's faster when wrestling squirmy little people into their pajamas: Mom or Dad?

It seems Dad Gibson might have been a little bit faster, but he might have had an advantage: zippers on the sleepers instead of the snaps on the pajamas in the original video with Mom.

“This dad works smart…not hard,” joked Gibson on The Baby Gang’s Facebook page.

Gibson told TODAY that the normal bedtime routine at their house is “just as crazy as it is in the video, although having them on the bed was for entertainment purposes.

“Corrie and I are very involved parents. There is really no splitting the duties. We both just take ownership for what needs to be done and work together in doing our parenting tasks,” said Gibson. “Corrie is the main provider, though, and the triplets rely mostly on her for feeding, so she is the real MVP parent between us.”