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Dad supports mom breastfeeding in public in the most awesome way

When his wife needed to breastfeed their daughter during a shopping trip to Target, this dad found a sweet way to help things go smoothly.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

It can be a struggle for breastfeeding moms to remain engaged with their older children while feeding their little ones. But, thanks to her husband, Jason, mom-of-two Danielle Solito was recently able to feed their 15-month-old daughter, Emma, while on a special shopping trip to Target with her older daughter, Ava, 10.

"We were in the toy section, waiting for Ava to pick out some things with her birthday money," Solito told TODAY Parents. "Emma was starting to 'melt' as we call it, and we didn't want to take away from Ava's time."

"By grabbing a seat in their cart, I was able to comfort Emma and prevent a meltdown while staying in the moment with my birthday girl," Solito continued. "As she moved, my husband pushed me to follow her."

When Solito's mother-in-law, Lorna Solito, who was shopping with them, saw her son's sweet way of helping out, she took a photo, which Solito later posted in the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook community.

The photo has since gone viral, leaving Solito shocked at the mixed reactions to her post.

"I am getting mixed reactions — most of them are good, supportive and all for the support of my husband," said Solito. "I think it's getting so much attention because it's funny. My husband is there, clearly pushing me along in my breastfeeding journey, and people like that. We were able to stay present with my older daughter, while still attending to the needs of the baby."

Danielle and Jason Solito with daughters Ava, 10, and Emma, 15 months.Danielle Solito

Solito says Jason's support of her breastfeeding has been crucial to her success.

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"I am very thankful for the support system I have around me. If it weren't for my supportive husband, who knows how long I would have breastfed, but he is well aware of the benefits and wants our children to have the best."

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