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Dad and son dress as each other for Halloween in mind-blowing swap

A photo that popped up on Reddit has users baffled and amazed.
/ Source: TODAY

A Reddit user has blown the minds of thousands on the Internet by uploading two simple photos.

"My friend and his dad dressed up as each other for Halloween...." user Jschu2711 wrote on Tuesday, then posted these side-by-side pictures:

On first glance, it's not obvious who's the father and who's the son in real life! (Fortunately, there are captions.)

Users were baffled and delighted. "Why is this so hard to wrap my mind around?" wrote Copperbrat.

"I could look at this for hours and still feel exactly as confused as I do now," wrote Favri.

"Freaky Friday. That is all," added MeowLettucePrey.

They weren't alone; a Reddit user posted that he and his brother did the same thing:

And the Babadoot may say it for all of us: "Best Halloween costume I've seen."

Thanks to Jschu2711 for the upload. Now we're wondering how dad and son feel about becoming a viral sensation!

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