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People are fascinated by dad's post on co-parenting after divorce, remarriage

They really are #Divorcegoals.
/ Source: TODAY

In 2009, Rodney Lacroix and his then-wife, Jen, called their children into the living room to share some hard news: They were ending their 14-year marriage.

At the time, the former couple’s daughter, Payton, was 9, and their son, Cameron, had just turned 6.

“I remember sitting on the couch crying and begging them to just hold hands and love each other again,” Payton, 21, told TODAY Parents.

Payton got her wish — sort of. Rodney and Jen didn’t get back together, but the exes, who have both remarried, do love each other again.

On Wednesday, Rodney, 53, shared a photo on Twitter of himself relaxing in Maine with Jen and their spouses.

“People thought it was odd that my wife and I were vacationing the same week and staying in the same complex as my ex-wife and her husband,” Rodney wrote. “Then the looks got really weird when I told them that the four of us were going back in two weeks and staying together in the same unit.”

Rodney, a software engineer and humor author, admits that it took him and Jen a few years to get to where they are today.

“We always got along in front of the kids, but there was a lot of animosity and resentment," he recalled.

Exes Rodney and Jen posed for a photo with their children, Cameron and Payton, while vacationing in 2018.
Exes Rodney and Jen posed for a photo with their children, Cameron and Payton, while vacationing in 2018. Courtesy Rodney Lacroix

The turning point was Payton’s 16th birthday party. Rodney attended with his wife, Kerri, and Jen came with her husband. It was the first time the foursome had all been together at a family event.

“They started talking and realized, ‘Hey, we can’t hold on to grudges anymore,’” Payton revealed. “Ever since then, they do everything together, holidays, gatherings, you name it. We all went on a cruise. If you had told me things would turn out this way in back in 2009, I never would have believed you. I'm just so grateful."

"We celebrate everything together," Payton added. "I don't have to go between houses. We really are one big happy family."

Rodney says Kerri, 49, and Jen are as thick as thieves — so much so, that sometimes he feels like the odd man out!

“They’re honestly best friends,” he said. “Kerri texts Jen more then she texts me.”’

Since sharing their inspiring story on Twitter, Rodney has been inundated with replies and private messages.

“The kids are the real winners… bravo #divorcegoals,” one person wrote.

Added another, “I love that you all are so happy in each other’s company. Proper adulting done there.”