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Dad's birthday surprise for baseball-loving son hits home run

Father of four Devon Fowler needed to do something special for his only son's birthday. And his surprise knocked it right out of the park.
/ Source: TODAY

Devon Fowler is a father of four. When he realized his only son's birthday was coming up, he knew he had to do something special.

Fowler's son, Braheim, 12, dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. But in the meantime, he just loves to play the game.

"He's been playing baseball since he was 9 years old," Fowler told TODAY. "He's always loved it."

Braheim has been playing baseball since he was 9 and loves the game.Devon Fowler

Fowler, who was an avid basketball player growing up, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and discover a love for that game. But Braheim only had eyes for baseball.

"One day I said, 'OK, were going to try this baseball thing out," Fowler told TODAY. "One thing led to another and he started hitting the balls out of nowhere, no practice. After that, that’s what it was: baseball."

Fowler and his son are very close. He considers Braheim his "best friend".Devon Fowler

But while Fowler wants to support his son's dream, sometimes it's a challenge financially. For his birthday, Braheim kept begging his dad for a special bat, the Mako Torq, which costs around $250.

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"A lot of people on the team have that type of bat and he knows I can't afford it," said Fowler. "But he kept asking, 'I want that bat for my birthday.'"

Working numerous odd jobs, Fowler was able to save enough to buy the special bat. But Braheim had no idea.

Fowler likes to surprise his kids because it makes the gifts he's able to buy them that much more special. The real surprise, however, was his son's reaction.

Fowler, who has three daughters and one son, loves to surprise his children.Devon Fowler

Fowler pretended to forget Braheim's birthday. Amid his son's disappointment, Fowler asked him to grab a box out of a trunk.

Little did Braheim know it was the present he'd been begging for. "I didn’t expect him to get so emotional," said Fowler. "It meant the world to me ... It was just a beautiful moment between me and my son."

Braheim couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the bat.Devon Fowler

Fowler said that once the camera shut off, Braheim couldn't stop thanking him.

"He was just excited," Fowler said. "That’s what I try to do, make my kids happy."

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The touching moment was only one of many for Fowler and his only son.

"That’s my best friend at the end of the day," Fowler said of Braheim. "I'm a diabetic, and he's always making sure I take my medicine. If he feels like I'm grumpy, he makes sure I take my medicine."

Fowler wants to do everything in his power to make sure his son can achieve his dreams. He even started a GoFundMe page to raise money to send Braheim to professional baseball training.

Braheim has won a lot of awards and trophies for his accomplishments in baseball.Devon Fowler

Fowler said the new bat has improved Braheim's hitting. But he was quick to give the credit to his son, not the bat.

"I'm proud to say I'm his father, I know that," said Fowler. "I couldn’t have a better son than him."

When it comes to being a dad, Devon Fowler is batting a thousand.