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Pure joy! Watch this dad receive an epic 62nd birthday gift from his family

... and more happy, heartwarming and funny stories to end the week!
/ Source: TODAY

If this week had a soundtrack, it might have been "Here Comes the Sun." Here's some of the reasons why:

Broadway's coming back!

New York City's Broadway theaters are reopening in September, and to celebrate, Jimmy Fallon and "Hamilton" creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda performed a joyful show tune medley alongside other Broadway favorites for a live studio audience.

"When the curtain opened up and I saw a full crowd on its feet applauding — and it was the only sound for a few seconds — it was like a life recharge," Fallon wrote on Instagram. "Being there standing next to Lin-Manuel and knowing that these giant Broadway superstars were about to walk out and perform in front a crowd for the first time in a year and a half just set my emotions to 1000."

But it was when the confetti came down that Fallon got emotional, he wrote. "Confetti means it’s a celebration. So happy. So grateful. See you in September. We missed you, Broadway."

Alicia Silverstone joined TikTok, and she's anything but clueless

"As if... I wouldn't join TikTok," actor Alicia Silverstone, also known as Cher Horowitz, the star of "Clueless," captioned her first video on TikTok. Silverstone, now 44, recreated an iconic scene from the movie with the help from son Bear Blu Jarecki, 10, for her debut on the social media app.


Ugh! As if... I wouldn't join TikTok. 😉💛😘 ##Clueless ##AsIf

♬ Ugh... As if - Alicia Silverstone

Silverstone encouraged fans to make their own versions of the scene, and one pint-sized Cher wannabe nailed it, in our opinion.


Too old for hugs? Whatever! Hope the icon @aliciasilverstone sees this! 🙌🏻 ##foryou ##family ##viral ##dadlife ##gaydad ##lgbtq ##fypage ##clueless ##asif

♬ Ugh... As if - Alicia Silverstone

We're especially big fans of the yellow "Care Bears" purse, and we are confident Cher would be too.

Michael J. Fox had a milestone birthday

Michael J. Fox turned 60 years old this week, and his wife Tracy Pollan dedicated a sweet birthday post to him on her Instagram account to mark the day.

"Happy birthday to my favorite person, love of my life," she wrote.

... and this dad received an epic birthday gift

Want to see what pure joy looks like?


Pure joy looks like my dad getting a puppy for his 62nd birthday ##puppy ##birthday ##dad ##fyp

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

The puppy's name is Charlie, and it looks like he's found his new best friend.

A horse named Buckshot stole the show at a photo shoot

The mom-to-be is usually the star of a maternity photo shoot, but not when Buckshot the horse is around.

When there's a camera pointed his way, this is one horse who is not throwing away his shot.

What a smile! We love you, Buckshot!

... and this papa swan showed us what single parenthood means

In another sweet moment, a Boston doctoral student named Matthew Raifman captured images of a swan named Atticus carrying four cygnets on his back after his longtime partner recently died.

Raifman noted that swans mate for life, with few exceptions.

“What this papa is going through is pretty traumatic but he’s rising to the occasion and being resilient,” he said. “And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been faced with the same tragic situations. There is a tragedy here that is reflective of the human condition and what we’ve collectively been dealing with as a society.”

This Gen X mom tries to speak her teen's language

... and her daughter is NOT HAVING IT. (But we think she is hilarious. No cap.)

You passed our vibe check, Kirsten Warner. We'd be mutuals!

... and Ryan Reynolds has made a drink for his fellow dads

Actor Ryan Reynolds, who owns a stake in Aviation Gin, is featured in a new ad for the spirit in which he fashions a drink for dads like him.

The adorable father of three walks dads through the recipe, which he calls "the mother of all cocktails."

“Mmm, now that is as refreshing as fatherhood,” he says. “A little something I call ‘The Vasectomy’ for no (expletive) reason at all. Happy Father’s Day, everyone.”

Happy Father's Day, Ryan!

These pregnancy announcements made our hearts swell

After losses and infertility treatments, these couples are expecting ... and when they are able to share their joy, well, we feel it too.


This has been a journey, but we are truly grateful ❤️ ##love ##family ##pregnancy ##interracialcouple ##marriage ##blindian ##fyp @kharijohnson5

♬ Get You The Moon - Timmies

... and this interspecies friendship made us smile

Meet Moose the golden retriever. His best friend is a fish.

You heard us right.

Have a great week!