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This dad re-creates 'The Shining' with his twin daughters

This dad convinced his twin daughters to re-create a scene from 'The Shining' on a recent hotel visit, and social media loved the scare.
/ Source: TODAY

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you twin daughters and your favorite movie is "The Shining," you know what to do.

On a recent hotel visit, Martin Hughes of Manchester, England, convinced his girls, Poppy and Isabella, 4, to imitate the famous scary-movie scene. It wasn't easy — the girls are a little young to get the joke, after all.

"Getting toddlers to stand still, look somber and look at the camera is a challenge," said Hughes. "It’s only recently that the girls have done the pose, but not laughing is a real hurdle for them."

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We had to show you a photo of the girls that wouldn't scare you!Courtesy of Martin Hughes

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Fans of the movie who came across the two in the hall had a hard time not flashing back to the classic cinematic moment.

"If people know the film, then they jump out of their skin whether they like it or not," said Hughes. "One guy about turned back and took the stairs."

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The girls don't quite understand, so Hughes had to offer up a family-friendly explanation.

"I’ve told them it’s a special power they have," explained Hughes. "If they wear matching dresses and stand holding hands in a hotel hallway, then they can make grown-ups cry."

And why not? After all, as fans of the movie's most famous quote know: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.