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Dad makes amazing one-handed catch while holding his infant son

Watch this dad at Tuesday night's Cubs game make a sensational one-handed catch of a foul ball while holding his infant son in his other arm.
/ Source: TODAY

The catch of the night at Tuesday's Chicago Cubs fan belonged to a man holding a baby instead of a glove.

In the second inning, Cubs fan Keith Hartley snagged a foul ball by Chicago's Jason Hammel with one hand while holding his 7-month-old son, Isaac, in the other arm as Isaac cradled his bottle. In the process, he reached over the tarp next to the stands and robbed Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez of the chance to catch the ball for an out. However, after the play was reviewed, Hartley was called for fan interference and the Dodgers were given the out to end the inning.

"Baseball is not a new thing to me," Hartley told ESPN. "I didn't want it to hit the ledge and hit (my son), so I wanted to make first contact, I think."

Apparently catching a foul ball one-handed while holding a baby is becoming a thing, as a mom pulled off the feat at Sunday's Oakland A's game, and a Phillies fan dad did the same on Mother's Day.

The Cubs ended up winning the game 1-0, so Hartley's robbery of Gonzalez's potential catch didn't come back to haunt them, Steve Bartman-style.

"I think I turned around too quickly for (Gonzalez) to interact with me,'' Hartley said. "Hopefully he's not too angry. He is on my fantasy team. I want to keep him happy."

As for Gonzalez, he would've been impressed if there were more degree of difficulty.

"It would have been more impressive if the baby would have caught it,'' he told reporters afterward.

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