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Michigan dad lands dream job working at Costco after daughter's tweets go viral

Thousands of people were pulling for Jeff.
/ Source: TODAY

A man in Michigan has landed the job of his dreams working at Costco after his daughter’s Twitter thread went viral last month.

“my dad has been laid off due to covid and now that he's vaccinated he's itching to go back to work, so i told him i'd help him with his resume. i asked him where he wants to work, and he said, SO earnestly, ‘costco seems like a nice place’ i'm gonna cry lol,” Rebecca Mix wrote.

Mix, a young-adult author, added that her father, who is named Jeff, “is a very nice man who will work obnoxiously & is painfully helpful.”

She also shared a photo of Jeff wearing oven mitts, posing proudly next to a plate of nachos.

“He is but a constantly cheerful man, extremely good at making nachos, who merely dreams of working for costco,” Mix explained.

Two weeks later, Mix had an update for her more than 20,000 followers. She had received a message from a Costco store manager in Michigan.

The note read in part, “What is your Dad’s name? Has he filled out an application on our website? That would be the first necessary step for a possible interview. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this.”

Jeff aced the interview and last week, Mix shared a picture of his Costco Wholesale employee badge.

According to Mix, Craig Jelinek, who has been president and CEO of Costco since 2012, had a hand in Jeff’s hiring.

“craig jelinek if u see this i have no idea how u found my tweets but congrats on hiring my dad he’s the best thanks!!!!!” Mix wrote. “also my dad already tried to convince me to sign up for a costco membership lol. man hasn't even started yet. what have i done.”

Mix edited her Twitter bio to read, “rebecca mix, proud daughter of a costco employee," and the congratulatory messages poured in.

“AWESOME! Congratulations to your dad — and to the Costco manager, who has probably just made one of the best hires in that branch,” wrote one person.

Added another, “OMG Congratulations to Jeff long may he help people find things up on the tall shelves and have a $1.50 hot dog whenever he wants!!!!”

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