Dad's hilarious beach video sends message about body shaming

When his vacation came around and he wasn't in shape, he decided to tell the beach to deal with it.
/ Source: TODAY

On a trip to Hawaii last year, comedian Kevin Fredericks made a vow to himself that the next time he vacationed in Hawaii, he'd be in the best shape of his life. But, when spring break came around in April, Fredericks realized he hadn't made much progress.

It was then that the father of two decided to change his mindset entirely.

In a viral video posted to the Los Angeles, California dad's Facebook page, KevOnStage, he gives the beach a piece of his mind.

"You're gonna get whatever body I give you," Fredericks hollers at the ocean in the video. "My beach body's on back order — it's on delay 7-10 business years."

Later, before finally wading in, Fredericks warns the water, "You are not gonna shame me. I'm getting in with this body."

Los Angeles comedian Kevin Fredericks with his wife and two sons, ages 12 and 10.Kevin Fredericks

The experience was liberating, Fredericks told TODAY Parents.

"I figured I wasn't gonna let not having a great body stop me from enjoying my vacation and decided to tell the beach it was gonna get whatever body I gave it," Fredericks said. "That's exactly what I did, and it felt great."