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See a determined dad learn how to braid his daughter's hair

Jamir Grigsby enlisted his mom to teach him.
/ Source: TODAY

When Jamir Grigsby was growing up, he always looked forward to hair braiding day.

“It meant alone time with my mom. That was our time,” Grigsby, 27, told TODAY Parents. “We’d talk about everything."

That sweet tradition has come full circle.

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, Grigsby’s mother, Tonnette DeCree, 60, teaches him how to braid his 5-year-old daughter Amirah’s hair. Throughout the clip, she is heard offering him tips and words of encouragement.

"I was like, 'Mom, you need to show me how to braid so I can give my wife a break," the San Diego-based customer service representative explained.

After a few weeks of practicing, Grigsby is proud to report he has mastered cornrows. He hopes other fathers will follow suit.

“Many men, especially African American men, feel like they shouldn’t be doing hair, like it’s a woman’s job,” Grigsby said. “But you should look at it like just another activity you can do with your kid like going for ice cream or playing video games.”

The completed braid!
The completed braid!Courtesy Jamir Grigsby
Jamir Grigsby and his mom, Tonnette DeCree.
Jamir Grigsby and his mom, Tonnette DeCree. Courtesy Darrin Buchanan

Grigsby added it’s important to “cherish” every moment, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Whether or not you look masculine should be the last thing on your mind,” he said. “Take every opportunity to spend time together.”

Since tweeting the clip on Sunday, Grigsby has been inundated with replies.

“This kind of stuff just melts my heart… I love seeing fathers doing stuff that a lot of men would consider ‘maternal duties.’ Active fathers are always a win in my book,” wrote one person.

Added another, “I want your Mom to teach me. She is so patient and encouraging. It’s heartwarming to see her love and support for you and your love and determination to do it for your daughter.”

Several dads have responded with videos of themselves doing their own daughters' hairstyles.

Earlier this month, HBO announced it is turning a story about an African-American father who learns how to do his daughter's hair, into a TV series. The 12 episode show is based on Matthew Cherry's Oscar-winning animated short film "Hair Love."

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