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Dad's angry reaction to suggestion of getting a fake Christmas tree is priceless

California dad Joe Napoli was not having it when his wife suggested they break tradition and get a fake Christmas tree instead of a real one this year.
/ Source: TODAY

This dad is not going to stand for any talk of a fake Christmas tree.

Joe Napoli, a father of two from Ontario, California, has become the face of suppressed Christmas anger for his reaction to a playful suggestion by his wife, Marie, that the family get a plastic tree instead of a real one this year.

In a video posted to Twitter by his daughter, Madison, 21, Joe starts off benignly, telling his wife, "Do you know they're bad for the environment?"

Marie keeps up the charade to see where it leads.

"The whole thing is freaking plastic!" he yells from the other room.

She then suggests getting a candle that smells like a Christmas tree. That's when Joe gives her a face that will likely become Christmas lore in the Napoli family. It also became an instant meme.

"I don’t know what’s happened to you and I know I can’t solve it, so I’m just going to let it go," Joe said before storming out of the room.

"I've honestly never seen him more disappointed,'' Madison joked on Twitter.

Madison tweeted that the family ended up getting a real tree, so rest assured that Joe's blood pressure has come back down.

It got us thinking about where TODAY viewers stand on the real vs. fake tree debate.

Some people took issue with Marie laughing at Joe at the end of the video, but Madison wrote that it was just her parents, who were high school sweethearts and have been married for 25 years, having some fun with each other.

"It depicts a marriage full of joy and laughter and if you can’t see the humor in the video, then I suggest you figure out what’s wrong in your life and change it,'' she wrote.

"My parents are silly. That’s just who they are."

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