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A dad and his pals hit the dance floor at their reunion and it was incredible

Gregg Kearney and his high school pals, many of whom he hadn't seen for 30 years, tore up the dance floor at their reunion in a video that's gone viral.
/ Source: TODAY

They’ve still got it.

Gregg Kearney hadn’t seen a lot of his old high school buddies for 30 years, but that didn’t stop them from breaking it down on the dance floor at their high school reunion on Saturday, May 27.

The Baltimore native, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, flew back to his hometown with his wife, Lourdes, to take part in a whole weekend of festivities, culminating in a big dinner and reception at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore.

“When my husband saw that the dance floor was kind of empty, I was like, ‘Go for it!’ and then I was pulling out my phone,” Lourdes told TODAY. “I know my husband — when he went out there, I was like, ‘Let me get my phone out because I know something’s about to happen. I don’t know what, but I know something’s going to happen.’”

What did happen next was internet gold: Gregg got things started with a little break dancing, and his friends soon joined in, with one classmate — “George!” Lourdes said with a laugh — even busting out a head spin to up the dance-floor ante.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I was not expecting that,’” Lourdes recounted. “I sent it to the kids the next day on our group chat, and I was like, ‘OK, you guys have to check this video out.’”

Her stepdaughter, Skylar, found the video hilarious and shared it on Twitter.

“So my dad goes to his 30th high school reunion and him & his boys decide to relive the good ole days,” she captioned the 40-second clip.

Soon, people were liking and retweeting and commenting on the video. As of Sunday afternoon, the post has been retweeted more than 8,500 times and liked by more than 17,700 people.

“Skylar’s been sending us screenshots of how many likes the post has gotten, and all the people who are reaching out,” Lourdes said. “We’re loving this. Snoop Dogg just put the video up on his Instagram, so that was pretty crazy!”

But to friends and family who know Gregg, his impressive dance moves and bold initiative aren’t anything new. According to Lourdes, Gregg is always dancing around the house, and delights in rap battles with their 7-year-old daughter, Lani.

“Anyone who meets my husband knows he’s very charismatic,” she said. “He’s always joking around, so a lot of people are like, ‘Bless your heart, this is what you put up with?’”

The reunion also gave Lourdes a chance to share some fun throwback photos of her husband with Skylar, 20, and Skylar’s younger siblings — Sunlyn, 15, and Gregory, 13. In addition to being a star on the dance floor, Gregg was also in student government, was homecoming king and played football, “kind of like the big man on campus,” Lourdes said.

“There was an old yearbook on one of the tables that we were sitting at, and Gregg was in some of the pictures, so I took a picture of the picture and sent it to the kids,” Lourdes added. “And I said, ‘Look at this picture of your dad, he’s not so bad-looking, is he?’”