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Dad gets stuck in backyard compost bin, leaving his family in stitches

A British dad unintentionally caused his family to erupt into uncontrollable laughter, rushing for a camera to film the scene after he got stuck in a compost bin.
/ Source: TODAY

A British dad who got himself stuck in a compost bin in the backyard was hoping for a helping hand from his family, but he got uncontrollable laughter and a funny video instead.

Fred Holmes from Boxford, a village in Suffolk, England, was cleaning the roof on Easter when he fell straight down and got wedged in the family's compost bin. His plea for assistance was answered with the family laughing uproariously and taking a video posted by his daughter, Bethy Holmes Bell.

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“I wouldn’t know how to begin to help you out of that,” one of the family members says in the video as a woman cracks up in the background.

“Have you got any vegetable oil?” he asks.

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Five family members went to the backyard after Holmes got stuck only to rush back inside to find Bell so she could film the slapstick scene. reached out to Bell for comment but didn't hear back.

When the family stopped laughing for a minute to help him by laying him flat, they promptly rolled him around the lawn to even more laughs. The Internet also had some fun with Holmes being stuck.

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