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Dad hilariously follows exact instructions to put daughter to bed after car ride

Aaron Cade, father to 2-year-old daughter London, knows how to follow directions — perhaps a little too well.
/ Source: TODAY

Don't ever say this dad doesn't follow directions.

When Ashlie Nicole Williams, 24, asked boyfriend Aaron Cade, 25, to put their 2-year-old daughter right to bed after he brought her in the house in her car seat last week, that's exactly what he did.

Williams tweeted the hilarious photo of their daughter, London, who at least had a blanket on as she slept in her car seat on top of the bed in their home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

"At least he covered her,'' Williams tweeted.

Williams says Cade is "the absolute best dad."Ashlie Williams

Williams says Cade is "the absolute best dad," but she couldn't help but crack up.

"Literally, I walked out of the room to laugh because I didn’t want to wake her up,'' Williams told TODAY. "I asked him, ''Really, dude?'

"He looked at me with the funniest facial expression, like he didn’t see why I was laughing. He said "What?"

"I asked him, ''Really, dude?'" said Williams.Ashlie Williams

Williams says Cade is not big on attention and wants no part of the viral tweet, but at least he can see that he's not alone.

The funny scene caused other moms to chime in with some of their own dad fails, including the same car seat maneuver Cade used.

"It’s overwhelming and I didn’t expect it to get as far as it has,'' Williams said. "It’s so funny! I love that all these dads are creative enough to figure out ways to do things that we’d never even think of."

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