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Dad dresses up as Disney mermaid for his daughter and it's the sweetest

The dad-and-daughter duo were captured as King Triton and tiny Ariel at Disneyland.
/ Source: TODAY

In "The Little Mermaid," Ariel and her father, King Triton, had big problems — especially when it came to the subjects of dry land, princes and having legs.

But one dad has flipped that tale and found a way to bond with his little girl by channeling those characters and dressing up as a mermaid himself.

Well, merman.

An Imgur user shared a photo of this King Triton and his tiny Ariel at Disneyland, and it's the sequin-covered embodiment #DadGoals.

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While the wee one looks kid-appropriate in a sparkling teal tail, Mer-dad has shunned the usual theme-park uniform of cargo shorts for a bright blue tail of his own — and a gold crown to cap off the look. Together the duo walks hand in hand, and while we can't see their faces in the pic, we're pretty sure they're smiling, too.

We certainly are!

In fact, we just can't get enough of dads who know no embarrassment when it comes to making their daughter's dreams come true.

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From the father who found the perfect way to compliment his daughter's Han Solo costume:

Tom Burns dressed as Princess Leia to complement his daughter's Han Solo costume.
Tom Burns dressed as Princess Leia to complement his daughter's Han Solo costume.Tom Burns

To the dad who wasn't afraid to have a pink-pajama dance party with his girl:

Way to go, dads!

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