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Dad and daughter have hilarious text exchange about sanitary napkins

/ Source: TODAY

We give this dad an "A" for effort.

A father's thoughtful trip to the store to buy sanitary napkins for his daughter turned into a hilarious text message exchange, posted online in a string of smartphone screenshots for the world to see.

Tia Savva, a young woman from Bedfordshire, in the East of England, shared the purported story on her Facebook page.

Sanitary napkin feacbook textTia Savva/Facebook

"I'm nearly as stressed as my dad trying to find the right sanitary towels," she wrote, posting images of the conversation they had as her dad navigated the store.

Once he found the correct aisle, there was a misunderstanding when Savva told her dad the brand she wanted: Always.

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"Always what?" her dad wrote.

"No, they're called Always," she responded.

You can imagine his confusion when she said she wanted the scented ones: "Will I have to smell them?"

And then later, "OK, cause smelling them would have been weird, wouldn't it?"

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At one point, the dad urged his daughter to hurry up as he was getting weird looks from another shopper.

It's a situation many men — dads or otherwise — have probably found themselves in, as evidenced by the comments section of Savva's post, which has been shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook. While some people questioned the veracity of her story, most left messages to share their own similar experiences, or tagged friends with the common refrain: "This would be you."

TODAY was unable to reach Savva for comment.