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Dad-daughter duo dance to Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop the Feeling!'

/ Source: TODAY

Justin Timberlake's latest song — "Can't Stop the Feeling!" — now has an unofficial music video that's officially adorable.

That's all thanks to one father-daughter duo who decided to record themselves dancing their hearts out to his newest hit single in nearly matching pink outfits (pink pajama pants for him and a pink dress for her). Sunshine in our pockets, indeed.

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I mean, can you blame them? It is the song of the summer, after all.

The pair gives new meaning to the song's "moving so phenomenally" line, shimmying and shaking and hopping and clapping their way to viral video stardom. As of this article's posting, their clip has upwards of 200,000 views and comments like, "This video makes me so happy! It just radiates love and happiness!" and "I can't wait to see what you end up with for the daddy daughter dance for her wedding."

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And as if warming the hearts of YouTubers all over the world wasn't enough of a reward, these two also got ... wait for it ... a shoutout from JT himself.


Now all they need is for mom to join in the fun.