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Dad goes viral with hilarious Instagram account created to prank new mom

Don't worry, no babies were harmed in the making of these photos.
/ Source: TODAY

Kenny Deuss is taking dad jokes to the next level.

The Belgian dad has always maintained a playful relationship with his girlfriend, Tineke Vanobbergen, so when the new mom returned to work after the birth of their daughter, Alix, in 2019, Deuss got creative with updates.

The new dad began sending Vanobbergen edited photos of their baby girl in precarious situations.

"I like to make subtle jokes and pranking my girlfriend this way was a no-brainer for me," Deuss told TODAY Parents from his home in Antwerp.

The first photo depicted then 3-month-old Alix being lifted off their porch toward the moon

"At first she reacted with confusion, because she couldn’t comprehend what happened in the picture," Deuss said. "But she quickly realized it was a joke."

The edited photos quickly became a weekly habit and Deuss began documenting them on his now-viral Instagram account, On Adventure With Dad.

"I hate these rainy days. Dad came prepared. I didn’t," Deuss captioned a photo depicting baby Alix in a stroller in the rain, while he stands under an umbrella.

Another shows the infant peering out from the oven to celebrate American Thanksgiving.

"I love cooking with my dad," Deuss captioned the snap. "Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends."

When the couple welcomed baby Aster in 2021, she joined the family's hijinks.

"Alix has decided to collect money to buy some new toys," he captioned a recent photo of Alix at a toy stand with baby Aster marked for sale. "Let’s hope her new store will be a success."

Vanobbergen decided to join the fun, commenting from her own account, Safe With Mum, "Hey! Don’t sell my old bear!"

Deuss told TODAY that all the photos of his girls are Photoshopped and creating them together is a joyful process.

"We’re going fun places to make photos and we make them playfully and of course safe," he said. "My daughters still don’t realize what’s happening, but they love doing this."

The doting dad even shared his creative process in a recent post that allows followers to see how each photo is carefully posed and curated.

"Ideas come from random moments in daily life and sometimes the simplest ideas work best," Deuss shared.

He said that the response to the account has been "amazing," and he receives daily messages from followers who appreciate his sense of humor.

"Some even say it makes their day when they see a new photo of me," Deuss said. "That might be the biggest compliment I can get — to know I can bring smiles to people."