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Confused baby can't figure out which twin is his dad in viral video

The confused child asks for "Da-da" and points first at Michael, then at Stephen, then back to Michael.
/ Source: TODAY

What kind of father would trick his child on purpose, Kimmel-style, and capture the whole thing on camera, posting it on Facebook for the world to see?

... One who wants to make us laugh. True, we may not always endorse those sorts of videos, but this latest one, posted by Stephen Ratpojanakul to Facebook on Feb. 5, is comedy gold.

After all, it's not every day that you get a pair of identical twins and a newborn baby (fathered by one of them) in one room. When you do, you might as well make the most of it.

In the video, Ratpojanakul and his brother, Michael Ratpojanakul, take turns holding the baby, taking off their glasses, and asking "Who's that?" while the confused child asks for "Da-da" and points first at Michael, then at Stephen, then back to Michael.

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"I'm not the dad, actually," Michael Ratpojanakul told in a phone interview, spoiling — er, solving — the mystery once and for all. "That's Stephen. He's the one on the left."

Turns out the whole video was a family affair.

"My wife Caryn filmed the video, and she actually introduced Stephen to his wife," said Michael. "Stephen and I are twins, and so is his wife Carroll and her sister, Katie."

Still, with so many names and faces and anecdotes, this baby's mistake isn't a common one.

"Reed never gets confused!" said Michael. "But Caryn and I had been baby-sitting him for about five hours on this particular day, and when Stephen finally came home with Carroll, I think it'd just taken a toll on him."

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Now that we know that one of these men is, in fact, the baby's father, and that he made his way back to the rightful one when the video camera was put away ... we're cool with the whole thing.

"The reaction has been almost universally positive," said Michael. "It's made people smile, and that makes us all really happy."