Aww! TODAY fans share photos of babies meeting great-grandparents

There's just one word for TODAY viewers' babies with their great-grandparents: Aww!

Patti Johnston Parthemore/Charisse Beverly
See cute photos of TODAY fans' babies meeting great-grandparents

After told the story behind a touching viral photo of Scott and Jennifer Martin's 2-day-old daughter Penelope meeting her 92-year-old great-grandma Millie, viewers shared their own intergenerational pics on TODAY's Facebook page.

The results — which include a few great-great-grandparents — are as adorable as you'd expect.

Patti Johnston Parthemore / Facebook
Patti Johnston Parthemore's mother meets her fourth great-grandchild, Brooklyn.

Patti Johnston Parthemore wrote that her 92-year-old mom died just weeks after meeting her fourth and "last great-grandchild, Brooklyn," adding, "We believe she held on just to hold that child in her arms."

Charisse Beverly / Facebook
Charisse Beverly of Greensboro, North Carolina says her family drove five hours so that her 4-month-old son could meet his great-great-grandmother.

Charisse Beverly of Greensboro, North Carolina, wrote that her family drove five hours just so her 4-month-old son could meet his great-great-grandmother. "They are 91 years and 12 days apart," Beverly noted.

Meghan Crosby Budinger / Facebook
Meghan Crosby Budinger says her great-grandmother died just a few months after meeting Budinger's 3-month-old son.

Meghan Crosby Budinger says her 3-month-old son met his great-grandmother, "Mom mom," a few months before the great-grandmom passed away at age 96. "I love seeing all the beautiful photos of the very young and old together," Budinger wrote. "I think they really must share a special secret."

Andrea Restivo Gagnon / Facebook
Andrea Restivo Gagnon says her youngest son met his great grandmother for the first time in 1997.

Andrea Restivo Gagnon's youngest son shared smiles with his great-grandma, "Nonna," when they met for the first time in 1997. "She lived to be 100," Restivo Gagnon wrote.

Christine Hollier Zaner / Facebook
Christine Hollier Zaner shared a 2005 photo of her daughter and the baby's great-great grandmother.

This 2005 photo shows Christine Hollier Zaner's daughter and the girl's great-great grandmother. Hollier Zaner wrote of the elder, "She wondered why God kept her on Earth so long, then she realized it was to meet the new babies! She loved the little ones and it was so special."

Rebecca Forren / Facebook
Rebecca Forren's children hang out with their 90-year-old great-grandmother.

Rebecca Forren shared this sweet moment of her 4-year old daughter and 6-week-old son spending quality time with "their 90-year-old great-grandma."

Christina Osborne / Facebook
Christina Osborne's 1-month-old daughter spends some quality time with the baby's great-grandfather.

Christina Osborne's 1-month-daughter cozied up to the baby's great-grandfather, who Osborne says is a World War II veteran who just turned 95. Osborne added, "Such a blessing to see them together! God bless our soldiers old and young!"

Peggy Schalk Williamson / Facebook
Peggy Schalk Williamson's 86-year-old mom meets one of her great grandsons.

Peggy Schalk Williamson says that when her 86-year-old mom met her newest great-grandson, "They bonded immediately."

Jennifer Grillion Biermann / Facebook
Jennifer Grillion Biermann says her grandmother and daughter bonded from day one.

Jennifer Grillion Biermann said her grandmother, then 91, shared a "special" bond with Biermann's daughter on the day the baby was born. "Such a wonderful moment," Grillion Biermann added.

Katie Dains / Facebook
Katie Dains shared this photo of a great-grandfather with his three great-grandchildren.

Katie Dains introduced TODAY's Facebook page to a nearly 94-year-old World War II veteran with the three great-grand kids "he adores."

Kerry Slater / Facebook
Kerry Slater calls her grandfather and her child "best buddies."

Kerry Slater says her 90-year-old grandfather hangs out with "his namesake" three or four times a week, "and they are best buddies!"

Jessica Lynn Ross / Facebook
Jessica Lynn Ross says her great-great-grandmother loved Ross' son "to pieces."

Jessica Lynn Ross' son got comfy with his great-great-grandmother. "She passed away when he was 3 months old," Ross wrote. "She was 97. She just loved him to pieces!"

Jeannine Camarena / Facebook
Jeannine Camarena shared this photo of her daughter meeting the newborn's great-great-grandmother.

Jeannine Camarena considers herself fortunate that her daughter, pictured here as a 1-month-old, met the her great-great-grandmother when the latter was 97. "I am blessed to still have my great grandma," Camarena wrote.

Monique Quinones / Facebook
Monique Quinones says her son and his great grandmother's birth dates span more than a century.

Monique Quinones says her relatives have birth dates that span more than a century. "My son and his great grandmother are 100 years and 5 days apart," Quinones wrote.

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